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Expanding the European Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies

Published on January 17th, 2022

The working group on education of the Quantum Flagship QTEdu publishes a collection of sample qualification profiles for people working in quantum technologies.

The Competence Framework is in charge of mapping the landscape of competencies and skills required to work in quantum technologies, establishing a common language to boost communication and cooperation among the different stakeholders in the education ecosystem. The framework also serves as a starting point for planning and structuring a wide variety of educational and training projects.

Qualification Profiles for Quantum Tech

In May 2021, QTEdu released the first version of the document, which was then graphically updated. Later in September, the group and the European Commission issued a Methodology and Version History, which gave a complete overview of the documentation process and the steps that were needed to reach the actual framework.

Now, the group publishes a collection of examples of Qualification Profiles for people working in quantum technologies. These profiles provide examples of the competencies acquired through education or further training when preparing for employment in the industry.

The Competence Framework is a living document constantly evolving, from the community to the community, so feedback is always welcome.

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