European Quantum Week

Published on October 13th, 2020

Due to the Corona situation the Quantum Flagship decided to postpone the EQTC to November 2021, and instead organize the European Quantum Week,  an online multi-modular event that will run parallel to the Berlin Science Week from November 2-6,2020.

Organized by the European Quantum Flagship, with the collaboration of the European Commission, the Quantum Industry Consortium and in the context of the Berlin Science Week, it will include outreach activities for the general public, specialized talks and presentations for the quantum community as well as European policy-making and institutional visions for the future of Europe within the field of Quantum Technologies.

In a more specialized ambience and for the quantum community, it will also feature presentations and talks by quantum experts, who will show the latest results obtained by the Quantum Flagship projects.


Since the event will run on different online platforms for the different days, you will only need to register through the platform being used for the specific day.

Check out the agenda and the speakers, as well as more information on the event on the European Quantum Week website.

LINK to the EQW website


MONDAY Session

The session on Monday November 2, 2020 will be live streaming through the Quantum Flagship Youtube Channel., the Q&A and polling tool, will be used after the sessions to engage the audience in participating in the discussions.

ImageSlido QR code

Instructions to participate:

  1. From your desk/laptop→ enter
  2. From your mobile → scan the following QRcode
  3. Enter Event Code #EQW2020
  4. Answer the Polls
  5. Ask questions for the speakers
  6. Give a “like” to your favorite questions to rank them higher in the list.

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  • Artistic representation of qubit entanglement Artistic representation of qubit entanglement

    Error protected quantum bits entangled

    Physicists from the University of Innsbruck have entangled, for the first time, two quantum bits distributed over several quantum objects and successfully transmitted their quantum properties. This marks an important milestone in the development of fault-tolerant quantum computers.

  • Nanoparitcles are measured by optical techniques Nanoparitcles are measured by optical techniques

    Rare-earth doped nanoparticles for quantum memories

    A study in NanoLetters by SQUARE partners shows that nanoscale memories made of rare-earth-doped nanoparticles are capable of storing light efficiently, with more bandwidth and improved processing capabilities.

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