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Quantum Computing for Materials Science and Engineering - PhD

German Aerospace Center

The department “Metallic and Hybrid Materials” of the Institute of Materials Research, located in Cologne, works in the fields of development and optimization of modern metallic materials for aerospace applications. Computational methods like CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagrams) and ab-initio methods are used to understand the thermodynamics and structure of materials to predict their properties and understand their behavior. The combination of these methods with multidisciplinary optimization algorithms and machine learning is applied to accelerate the analysis and development of materials. The relationships between process,structure and properties are finally investigated through advanced mechanical testing or synchrotron tomography techniques.
The Quantum Computer Initiative is a major project of the German Aerospace Center funded by the Federal Government in the field of development and use of quantum computers. The aim of “QuantiCoM – Quantum Computing for Materials Science and Engineering” is to use quantum computers to accelerate materials development cycles.
Your tasks are:
You will develop hybrid algorithms for quantum computers and apply them on real machines.
You will investigate the power of quantum machine learning and optimization.
Based on your results, you will develop further numerical and physical experiments.
You are part of a team that develops, implements and uses experimental and computational tools to determine the properties of engineering materials. Earn your PhD in this disruptive field. Become part of our team and lay the foundation for the future of quantum technologies and materials science. The project also allows participation in the DLR_Graduate_Program.

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Dr. Eric Breitbarth Apply for this job

Published on March 07, 2023

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