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"For ten years Quside has perfected its technology to ensure we provide Random Numbers–at the right speed, scale and quality–that can be measured and checked for accuracy. We aim to provide randomness to everyone, everywhere, so we made it small enough to solve a problem big enough."


At Quside, the team is driven by the belief that technological advancements can revolutionise communication and computation for billions of individuals. The mission at Quside is clear: to provide the highest performance quantum random number generators (QRNGs) that facilitate a transition to more secure connectivity and more efficient computation globally.

Having introduced their initial product, a top-tier QRNG based on phase-diffusion technology, Quside has consistently expanded its product portfolio. This expansion is not only about enhancing existing solutions like key generation and Monte Carlo simulations but also about enabling solutions that were previously considered impossible. Through their innovative quantum random number generators, Quside is actively contributing to transformative solutions for their customers.

Quside actively participates in the European quantum community and holds a key role in the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC). Additionally, the company is a significant contributor to various projects for the European Commission, including Qrange and Civiq projects under the Quantum Flagship program. On a national level, Quside is involved in projects such as Clave, Caramuel, and QuSpin, showcasing its commitment to advancing quantum technologies.




Products and Services

Quside Entropy Core: Revolutionising High-Quality Entropy

Quside introduces the Quside Entropy Core, a groundbreaking solution based on their quantum entropy chips and products. This innovation provides easy access to high-quality, fast entropy at the infrastructure level. Random numbers play a crucial role in various applications, ranging from cybersecurity and high-performance computation to areas like gambling. The Quside Entropy Core is specifically crafted to deliver these essential random numbers to diverse client devices, focusing on those that traditionally face challenges in obtaining quality entropy, such as virtualized environments or IoT devices.

Elevating 5G Network Performance: Quside's Contribution

Quside is proud to unveil a new application of the Quside Randomness Processing Unit (RPU) that promises to enhance performance in private 5G networks. Leveraging stochastic techniques to enhance detection efficiency, this development enables customers to achieve a remarkable 40% reduction in infrastructure while maintaining comparable coverage quality. Alternatively, it allows customers to enhance service quality using their existing infrastructure. Quside continues to be at the forefront of driving efficiency and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of 5G networks.




Carlos Abellan - Co-founder & CEO

Carlos Abellan, a Ph.D. holder in quantum technologies from ICFO, stands as the Co-founder & CEO of Quside. His decade-long experience in quantum and photonics technologies is marked by significant contributions to quantum randomness technologies, evident in multiple patent families and over 15 scientific papers published in top journals. Carlos's notable achievements include being recognized with the MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe award.



Fernando De La Iglesia - VP Product

Fernando De La Iglesia, holding a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the Autónoma University in Madrid, spearheads product development and strategy as the VP Product at Quside. With over ten years of experience, he has been instrumental in leading innovation proposals related to Cloud Computing, working on major projects at the forefront of the industry.

Frank Malek - VP Marketing

Frank Malek, VP Marketing at Quside, brings over 25 years of expertise in technology product development, product management, and marketing from both F500 companies and start-ups. His focus at Quside is to elevate market awareness of quantum random number generation, monitoring and processing solutions within the cybersecurity and high-performance computing sectors.

Jose R. Martinez – VP Innovation

Jose R. Martinez, VP Innovation, leads computing activities at Quside. With a background spanning Physics, Photonics, and a Ph.D. from ICFO, his expertise lies in Computational Physics in nanophotonic systems. He has a strong publication record, having authored over 10 articles in high-profile journals and presented at multiple leading conferences.

Marc Romeu - Algorithms Intern

Marc Romeu, an Algorithms Intern at Quside, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Physics. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering, he has been actively involved in integrating quantum random number generators into cryptographic systems.

Sara Guzman – Channel Sales Manager

Sara Guzman, Channel Sales Manager at Quside, brings over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Specialised in developing and executing innovative channel strategies, Sara has a proven track record of delivering results on a global level. Her multilingual proficiency and diverse cultural exposure contribute to nurturing collaborative relationships with channel partners.

Marta Alcaide – Marketing & Communication

Marta Alcaide, with a graduate and master's degree in communication, possesses over a decade of experience in business communication and marketing. Currently overseeing external communication and marketing management at Quside, she played a pivotal role in leading the recent rebranding project undertaken by the company.