Structure and Governance

The Quantum Flagship Governance structure consists of different bodies, interacting with each other to aim at the overall goals of the Quantum Flagship:

  1. Boost and drive EU Quantum industry
  2. Expand EU scientific leadership
  3. Make EU an attractive region for innovative business and investments
  4. Benefit from QT in other areas, such as energy, health, security and environment
  • Europen Commission (EC), Board of Funders (BoF)

    The Europen Commission (EC) and Board of Funders (BoF) are the central and main decision-making bodies.

  • Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

    The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of high-level and renown independent quantum experts to monitor the progress of the QFS and provide input to the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). They advise the decision-making bodies on any subject of relevance. The SAB consists of 40% industry, 40% academy and 20% RTO.
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  • Science and Engineering Board (SEB)

    The Science and Engineering Board (SEB) is composed of the project coordinators of the 20 Quantum Flagship projects, 2 QuantERA programme coordinators and 2 QuantERA project coordinators (elected by QuantERA). The core objective is to coordinate the common activities of the projects.

  • Quantum Community Network (QCN)

    The Quantum Community Network (QCN) represents the QT communities of EU member state and associated state in the Quantum Flagship. It consists of 1 member and 1 deputy member per member state and associated state. The QCN member mandate lasts 4 years. All members are high-profile experts with a large network in the national quantum community. The core objective is the coordination of the Flagship with national programs to identify, engage and involve relevant national stakeholders and to be the go-to-persons for all Quantum Flagship related questions in their countries.
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  • Coordination and Support Action (CSA) – QFlag

    The coordination and support action (CSA) “QFlag” provides the Quantum Flagship Secretariat and assists the other governance bodies in the tasks and organize the participation of the quantum stakeholders.
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Furthermore the following workings groups and sub-groups are active. You find further information on the working groups here.