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Open Letter to the Quantum Russian Center from the International Advisory Board

Published on February 28th, 2022

Dear colleagues, dear friends from the Russian Quantum Center,

We have engaged in your International Advisory Board to provide you with the support your excellence in science deserves – because we believe that cooperation in the international scientific community can build bridges of dialogue and ultimately contribute to world peace.

Today we are very sad. We need to count on the fact that dialogue prevails over violence, and instead, we see war in Ukraine. Under these circumstances, we do not want our advice and expertise to benefit directly or indirectly any government that is waging war.

We must therefore resign as members of the International Advisory Board of the Russian Quantum Center. We strongly hope that in the future the situation will be resolved so that we will be able to work with you again.

With deep pain,

Rainer Blatt

Jacqueline Bloch

Antoine Browaeys

Tommaso Calarco

Jean Dalibard

Eugene Demler

Artur Ekert

Daniel Loss

Mikhail Lukin

Eugene Polzik

Vlad Shalaev

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