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Research Fellow - Ultracold atoms and Quantum Gases

University of Birmingham

Using ultracold atoms, we are constructing thermo-machines operating at the genuine quantum level. The project aims at realizing an architecture where the working fluid of the engine is a single ultracold atom trapped in an optical tweezer, which acts as a piston. The heat bath is made of many atoms of a different species. Such architecture allows the realization of arbitrary thermodynamic transformations at the quantum level that, combined in cycles, implement quantum heat engines. Such prototype quantum engines hold the promises to become cornerstones in the burgeoning fields of quantum thermodynamics and quantum technologies.
Role Summary
We are seeking individuals who have a genuine interest in quantum mechanics and in experimental cold atom research. The successful candidate will join the Quantum Gases group at the University of Birmingham and lead the lab activities towards the realization and characterization of ultracold atom engines. The successful candidate will be in charge of a newly built machine able to produce ultracold mixtures of Rb and K. The project benefits from the collaboration of theory partners at the Queen’s University in Belfast and the successful candidate is also expected to play an active role in the interaction with them.

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Published on June 03, 2022

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