Quantum Technology Expert

European Quantum Industry Consortium

QuIC is looking for a talented Quantum Technology Expert to join its internal staff on a full-time basis. The successful candidate will support the activities of QuIC within the frame of the European project QUCATS, responsible for the coordination and ongoing activities of the European Quantum Flagship. The Expert will report directly to the Executive Director of QuIC.

Key Responsibilities
  • Lead work group activities together with leading members of the pan-European quantum industry and research communities.
    • Propose new undertakings and critically review work ouputs.
    • Organise and manage work group meetings
  • Investigate the needs of the quantum industry & the evolution of the quantum technology market.
  • Craft white papers and public reports on relevant subjects for the quantum industry.
  • Gather intelligence on advances in the quantum industry and novel research.
  • Represent QuIC in technical committees, at conferences and events, and in select collaborations with external partners.
  • Engage with national and European officials and other stakeholders on QuIC-relevant topics.

How to apply

Send your application (resume incl. cover letter) to info@euroquic.org by 7 October 2022.

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Published on September 13, 2022

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