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Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring the progress of quantum technologies in Europe through the decade.

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) taskforce is made up of members of the Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board, who are assisted by QUCATS. It is entrusted with monitoring and evaluating the progress of the Quantum Flagship and, moreover, the progress of quantum technologies in Europe as a whole.

In 2021 the Strategic Advisory Board defined 23 KPIs in agreement with the European Commission. These are grouped into six topical and technological pillars. Furthermore, taskforce designed a measurement process for the KPIs and set their targets for the year 2030, aiming for reasonable and attainable results with a healthy dose of ambition.

The KPIs are measured at the conclusion of each year since 2021 by widely surveying academic and industry experts from the broad European quantum community, including the coordinators of European R&I projects via the Quantum Coordination Board and the European Quantum Industry Consortium. The survey results are then validated by the KPI taskforce and published yearly.

You can read more about the KPIs and their progress in the latest version of the KPI booklet:

Key Performance Indicators for Quantum Technologies in Europe 2023 (pub. March 2024)

Versions from previous years:
KPI booklet 2022 (pub. August 2023)
KPI booklet 2021 (pub. October 2022)