Interruptor Background 02

Quantum Community Network (QCN)

Gathering various quantum community stakeholders

In order to be able to engage the large number of stakeholders in Europe appropriately, the former 'Quantum Support Action' (QSA) established a network of multipliers, the Quantum Community Network (QCN).
The QCN is composed of distinguished members of the Quantum Technology (QT) community, who agreed to commit to liaising with their national stakeholders and build the links to the QSA.

QCN members actions

For example:
Research programmes and projects;
QT-relevant events (conferences, workshop, outreach events etc.) and news;
QT-related courses, internships and other education activities (and facilitate the translation to English, if necessary);
Offers to support deep-tech start-ups such as accelerators, innovation boot camps, coaching platforms.