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Quantum Game Jam 2023

15.09 17.09.2023 | Online Finland

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We welcome you to join the online Quantum Game Jam, an event where you will collaborate with game developers, quantum physicists, visual artists, musicians, coders and others in order to develop games that connect to quantum physics either through real machinery or simply thematically. Materials about both game development and quantum physics will also be shared before the event. No prerequisites required, merely the curiosity and an interest in quantum games! Join our Quantum Game community in our dedicated Discord server, which will serve as the main platform for the jam. Consider using your real name or adding it to the server specific nickname and feel free to introduce yourself , your talents and background at the specific introductory channels to get a role and for others to find you! You join our jam on Friday, we tell a bit about quantum physics and games and then reveal the THEME of the jam. After this you have a little time to brainstorm a game idea around this theme and propose it to others and/or just listen to the ideas of others. We then help you find a team, create a channel for you and off you go! You have until Sunday to develop the game together with your team and present it then to the world. All games will be published through our event page together with an accompanying video and screen shots. A more detailed schedule will be presented at the event site.

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