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Quantum Computing for Chemistry

24.10 27.10.2023 | University of Strasbourg - ISIS and online Frankreich

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The University of Strasbourg in partnership with QunaSys is organising a 4 days training to provide you with skills covering the foundations, applicability, coding, and industry use cases for quantum computing in chemistry. You will get a training certificate from the University of Strasbourg.

How will you learn?

Start with insights from industry experts on why they’re working on quantum computing and how adapting their business strategy and operations. Learn about quantum computing from its foundations to algorithms and hardware. Explore the latest research and brainstorm use cases. Finish with a hands-on coding session to get you started on your quantum computing journey.

Why learn now?

Quantum computing is an emerging technology with great potential, which is why companies are preparing for it. However, due to its complexity, it’s necessary to gain the technical skills to understand its advantage and applicability. We believe it‘s urgent to train experts in quantum computing concepts and algorithms to identify suitable problems and to be positioned at the forefront. 

Why focus on chemistry?

The potential benefits of quantum computing for the field of chemistry are vast: new catalyst designs, prediction of material properties, cost and time savings in experiments, and more. Moreover, chemistry and material sciences are the most promising fields to benefit early from quantum computing according to a   report by BCG. 

Who should attend?

Anyone from industry, academia and students interested in quantum computing is welcome! Join us for the first two days to get a broad overview of quantum computing and its industrial applications. For those seeking a deeper exploration of the underlying algorithms, the following two days are designed for those with a related background in computational chemistry, theoretical physics, STEM or software development.

General information

Location: in person at the University of Strasbourg-ISIS or online via zoom.

Price: full-course pass: 950€, full-course pass for students: 600€, full-course pass online: 750€, 2-days course pass: 500€

This event is supported by the University of Strasbourg IdEx initiative,  aQCess, QuantEdu, QunaSys and QPARC.

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