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"Building a Global Quantum Internet Made in Europe"


The European Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) is a consortium composed of approximately 40 world-leading institutions collaborating to establish a global Quantum Internet rooted in Europe. By leveraging the diverse interdisciplinary team within QIA, the alliance aims to establish an innovative European platform for Quantum Internet development. The overarching goal is to construct a full-stack prototype network, potentially becoming the world's first of its kind.

Led by QuTech, QIA comprises academic institutions, telecom operators, system integrators, and quantum technology start-ups spanning eight European countries. The project is presently co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant number 101102140




Products and Services

QIA is actively engaged in constructing a global quantum internet with its origins in Europe. The consortium is achieving this ambitious goal through the development of a full-stack prototype network that validates all key sub-systems. Additionally, QIA is instrumental in driving an innovative European quantum internet ecosystem with the capability to scale the technology to a world-leading standard.

Prototype Network:

QIA's moonshot objective involves the construction of two large-scale quantum networks connected by a long-distance fibre backbone, utilizing quantum repeaters. The envisioned network will be fully programmable, allowing the realisation of any hardware-supported application through platform-independent software. This initiative paves the way towards the establishment of a true quantum internet.

Becoming a European Platform for Quantum Internet Innovation:

Through collaborative efforts, academia, industry players, and research technology organizations are converging to position Europe at the forefront of enabling quantum communication applications between any two points on Earth - an achievement that marks the realisation of the global quantum internet.



Vlora Rexhepi – van der Pol, QIA Innovation Manager

Vlora Rexhepi – van der Pol currently manages innovation and leads coordination for QIA. With a wealth of experience in research, design, and standardisation of mobile communications interworking (2G/3G/4G), Internet Quality of Service signalling and provisioning, Industry 4.0, and hyperloop transportation, she brings a senior expert perspective to QIA. Vlora holds an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from the University of Twente and an electrical engineering degree (Dipl.Ing.) from the University of Prishtina.

Previously, as Head of Standardisation, Vlora led standards and regulatory framework development for hyperloop at Hardt in the Netherlands, chairing the Dutch Standardisation Committee for hyperloop. Before that, she was part of Nokia and Ericsson wireless research and contributed to 3GPP/IETF standardisations teams in Finland and the Netherlands.

Mathias Van Den Bossche, Director Research, Technology & Products, Thales Alenia Space

Mathias Van Den Bossche holds a PhD in Quantum Many-body systems from Sorbonne Université. After a few years working in academia across Europe, he moved to space industry with Thales Alenia Space. There he developed a strong large system architect, integrator and programme manager, especially on Galileo and EGNOS. He is now in charge of the transverse research, technology and product policy of Thales Alenia Space, and coordinates the quantum communication roadmap across the Thales group.

Jeremiah Fajardo-Oosterman, QIA Outreach Manager

Jeremiah serves as the Outreach Manager for QIA, overseeing the design, implementation, and monitoring of communications and community management activities within the consortium. Prior to joining the QIA Coordination Team at QuTech, she held communications positions in multiple startups in the Netherlands. In the Philippines, Jeremiah held the role of Senior Economic Development Specialist, focusing on governance-related matters at the Ministry of Economics, where she began her career as a Communications Specialist. Additionally, she worked as a business journalist covering telecommunications, transportation, information technology, and tourism industries for nationally circulated newspapers in the Philippines.

Jeremiah holds a Master's in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of the Philippines.