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Q*Bird B.V.

"Q*Bird is building the next generation digital infrastructure. Our mission is to provide quantum networking equipment for the current, and future quantum internet. Today, we build devices for quantum secured communications. Tomorrow we will enable general purpose quantum connectivity."

Q*Bird B.V. is a deep tech start-up specialising in a unique quantum cryptography product. Built on the fundamental laws of nature, this product ensures provable security against any potential attacks, including those from future quantum computers.

Q*Bird's primary objective is to safeguard data communications and digital infrastructure through their innovative products. Additionally, they aim to lay the foundation for the upcoming quantum internet.




Products and Services

Q*Bird Products:

Q*Bird offers a unique quantum cryptography product that facilitates secure communications among diverse users. The product comprises a Center Hub connecting multiple End Nodes in a cost-effective and scalable manner.


Securing data communications and digital infrastructure poses a critical challenge in our increasingly connected society. The encryption of data relies on complex mathematical problems that are currently challenging for computers to solve.

The advent of quantum computers, or even existing powerful computers, poses a threat as they can potentially solve these mathematical problems, compromising encrypted data. This is a pressing concern, especially for data that needs to be safeguarded for extended periods. Malicious entities can pilfer data now, decrypting it later once a quantum computer is available.

Q*Bird Solution:

Q*Bird proposes a solution based on quantum technology. Quantum cryptography utilizes the fundamentals of nature to protect communications, even against future quantum computer attacks.

Q*Bird has developed a product ensuring this security, scalable to multiple users in large networks. In the future, this technology will also facilitate connections between quantum processors and serve as a cornerstone for the quantum internet.



Ingrid Romijn
CEO and Co-founder, QBird*

Leveraging her 15+ years of experience at the intersection of scientific and applied research, Ingrid Romijn drives the business strategy at Q*Bird to implement their new technology into society.


Remon Berrevoets
CTIO and Co-founder, QBird*
MSc in Quantum Networking Hardware Systems

With a Master's degree in quantum networking hardware systems, Remon Berrevoets guides the development of new technology at Q*Bird and manages operations.


Joël Abrahams
Software Engineer

Laura Pîrcălăboiu
Embedded Software Engineer