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Italian Quantum Weeks

26.03 31.05.2022 | Localy and online

Discovering the world of quantum. Quantum mechanics, the set of laws that govern the world of atoms and elementary particles, has upset our way of conceiving reality with its fascinating bizarre. Quantum technologies, based on the use of quantum mechanics in everyday life applications, are bringing about a new technological revolution that we must learn to understand and manage. The Italian Quantum Weeks are promoted by Italian scientists, engineers, disseminators, and educators on the occasion of the first World Quantum Day (April 14, 2022) with the aim of raising awareness of the quantum world and the opportunities that the quantum revolution is about to bring.

  • 17 cities with reach events programs
  • Exhibit "Speaking the unspeakable" in 5 locations
  • Public lectures 8 April 18:30-20:00 (online, in italian)
  • Quantum@School 12 April 10:00-11:00 (online, in italian): 1-hour presentation for school pupils
  • Creativity contest: Quantum suggestions

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