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Advances in Quantum Transport

26.09 27.09.2022 | Institute of Physics, London, UK United Kingdom

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The IOP conference on “Advanced in Quantum Transport in Low-Dimensional Systems” will bring together experts from various areas of solid state quantum physics with a focus on quantum transport in low-dimensional systems. This will provide industry and academia with an opportunity to explore new possibilities in developing nanodevices and solid state quantum technologies. This conference will examine recent developments in condensed matter physics, particularly topological phases, superconductivity, and quantum computation and correlated phenomena in low-dimensional and multilayer systems including van der Waals heterostructures. Moreover, the conference will give young researchers and students an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge through interaction with experts in the field. We encourage all participants to attend the conference in person, in addition, all presentations will be streamed live during the conference. Once the conference is over, all presentations (subject to consent from presenters) will be made available for viewing for a limited time.

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