European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)

As the second quantum revolution unfolds across the globe, developing a strong European Quantum Technology ecosystem is central for bringing forward innovative breakthroughs in science and technology and shaping the industry and the society we live in.

Mission. The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) advocates, promotes, and fosters the common interests of the European Quantum Industry towards all Quantum Technology stakeholders. Objectives.

  • Identify gaps in the Quantum Technology sector in terms of supply chain, enabling components and/or technologies, performance, intellectual property, standards, workforce.
  • Identify applications and use cases in different areas.
  • Facilitate the coordination between Quantum Technology industries.
  • Advocate the Quantum Technology industry needs towards public stakeholders.
  • Nurture a fair and sustainable Quantum Technology business environment in Europe and ensure its global competitiveness.

Status. See here.

  •  QuIC Concept Paper PDF - 131.98 KB
  •  QuIC Executive Summary PDF - 202.11 KB
  •  Work Packages descriptions PDF - 152.63 KB
  •  Press release: European Quantum Industry Consortium kicks-off work PDF - 226.77 KB
  • QuIC member list as of 9 July 2021 PDF - 93.21 KB
  •  Press release: Thierry Botter appointed Executive Director of Quic PDF - 160.05 KB