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The Quantum Flagship announces Key Performance Indicators for 2030

Published on April 26th, 2022

The Strategic Advisory Board of the Quantum Flagship has set out ambitious markers of success for the next decade of quantum technology in Europe.

The Quantum Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) and the European Commission define the proverbial measuring sticks for European quantum technologies until 2030. These key performance indicators (KPIs) are introduced in a newly published document and should help to monitor progress, not just for the Flagship but the European quantum community as a whole, all the way from basic science to industry.

The 23 key performance indicators are grouped by a topical and technological pillar – Ecosystem, Quantum Communication, Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Sensing and Metrology, and Education. They were formulated by an expert task force of the Strategic Advisory Board in close collaboration with the various quantum initiatives of Europe and the Commission itself.

We believe these KPIs to be both realistic and yet still ambitious, as we hope to foster a sustainable and collaborative climate for innovation. These KPIs will further showcase Europe’s brightest minds and leading companies in the Quantum arena,” said Jaya Baloo, Vice-Chair of the Quantum Flagship Strategic Advisory Board, who spearheaded the expert taskforce.

More details: KPI Booklet 

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