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QUEST group is hiring: PhD and postdoc positions on out-of-equilibrium many-body systems at the University of Konstanz

AG Zilberberg, University of Konstanz

We are hiring!
We have several open PhD and postdoc positions starting June 2022. Come work with us on out-of-equilibrium many-body systems..
Two PhD and one postdoc position deal with designing and building “Parametron-based parallel computers”
Sinergia project (cf.
One PhD position deals with “Fluctuations and Nonlinearities in Classical and Quantum Matter beyond Equilibrium” at part of SFB1432. (cf. and
One postdoc or PhD positions deals with topology in many-body systems (cf. and

How to apply

To apply, please visit and follow the instructions online.

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Published on March 17, 2022

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