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Quantum photonics using colour centres in diamond membranes coupled to photonics structures (Q-Phot).

French University of Technology of Troyes & CNRS

This project is an application-oriented project with the goal of engineering a versatile platform for
quantum technologies and in particular for building blocks in quantum photonics. Using diamond
membranes containing colour centres (tin-vacancy or other group IV-vacancies) coupled to photonics
waveguides, the goal of Q-Phot is to achieve an efficient interfacing between quantum emitters and
photons. We propose to couple a quantum emitter (as a potential solid-state qubit) made of a single
colour centre (known defect centres in diamond quantum technologies), incorporated in a diamond
membrane itself coupled to optical waveguides based on the ion-exchange technology in glass. The
ultimate goal is to have an efficient interface between light and matter in order to go towards a scalable
platform where two and more quantum emitters can be coupled/entangled together via common optical
bus provided by the photonic integrated circuit.

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Please contact for more information as this is joint project between France and Germany

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Published on April 28, 2022