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PhD Studies: Software tests for quantum computers and their program coverage

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

A variety of test methods have been developed for software for conventional computers. They help to rule out or identify errors caused by the programming. Such methods are also important for quantum computers. Since quantum computers are based on other physical laws that prohibit certain operations (e.g. copying), but also offer new possibilities (e.g. superposition of states), a lot of basic research is still needed on test methods for quantum software.
In your PhD, you will transfer methods from quantum error correction to the testing of software and thus adapt proven concepts from conventional testing for quantum computers. In this way, important properties of the state can be checked without disturbing the execution of the software. You will analyse the benefits of the methods with regard to avoiding programming errors and develop practical recommendations for developers. Their work is an important building block for the theoretical understanding of tests of quantum software and at the same time very relevant for the practice of software development for quantum computers.
You are doing your doctorate in the group “Quantum Computing: Methods and Implementation” in the Institute of Software Technology under the supervision of Dr. Michael Epping and benefit from the daily exchange with our experts in quantum computing in a highly innovative and active research environment. In addition, you will be in regular contact with your doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Michael Felderer from the University of Cologne.
The DLR Research Training Group will prepare you for your mission with special events on quantum computing and many other exciting offers. Our wide range of training courses and other types of events will enable you to develop with respect to your subject matter, professionally and personally. We offer family-friendly flexible working hours and forms, such as mobile working. We will be happy to find together with you the ideal solution for your requirements arising from private obligations.
A plan for your doctoral project and professional supervision ensure that you can successfully complete your doctorate within three years. Based on this, you will enjoy the academic freedom to take responsibility for the direction of your research.
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Published on February 13, 2023

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