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PhD in Quantum photonics with novel nanomaterials

Université PSL - Chimie ParisTech

The Crystals and Quantum State Dynamics group seeks motivated and talented PhD students to join our team developing novel nanomaterials for quantum computing and quantum communication applications. We use nanostructured crystals to realize a solid- state quantum interface between spin and photonic degrees of freedom, a great challenge for future quantum technologies. Rare-earth ion-doped (REI) crystals provide long spin and optical coherence times and are promising for realizing quantum memories, quantum sensors, and single photon sources; however, their nanofabrication is in the early technological stage and needs a significant boost. The project is aimed to develop novel REI materials based on nanoparticles and thin films, preserving the coherent properties of REIs and enabling their further integration with a broader range of nanophotonic platforms.
The project combines low-temperature physics using dilution refrigerators, fabrication of novel nanomaterials, high-resolution optical and spin spectroscopy, and design and fabrication of nanophotonic devices in collaboration with French and international research groups.

How to apply

For further information and to apply, please send an email including your CV and motivation letter to: Alexey TIRANOV and Philippe GOLDNER

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Published on March 16, 2023

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