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Spring School on Open-Source Tools for Quantum Computing & Simulation

29.03 31.03.2023 | ICFO Spain

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Outline: The growing attention towards Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulations in academia and industry is leading to an increased attention to educate and train more students in this matter. In this context, learning not only the theory behind but also the tools needed to solve computational problems is extremely important for the students that want to work in this field. This Spring School is meant to cover (not exhaustively) both theory and tools to build that core knowledge needed for moving the first steps of a career in Quantum Computing & Simulations. The program includes a 2-day hands-on workshop led by researchers from ICFO and IBM Quantum aimed at introducing students and researchers to several open-source tools, and their use in cutting-edge research, followed by a 1-day symposium with researchers from ICFO, IBM Quantum and invited speakers from the wider research community sharing their latest research results. The school is offered as a pilot activity within the framework of the DigiQ - Digitally Enhanced Quantum Technology Master, a new European initiative financed through the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme. The school is aimed at Masters students, PhD students and researchers in the field who are interested in familiarizing themselves with the use of these tools in a cutting-edge research environment. Program: Day 1, Wednesday 29 March: Open-Source Software for Quantum Information General quantum computing frameworks (Qiskit) Hardware implementations (superconducting qubits & open-pulse) Day 2, Thursday 30 March: Research with Open-Source Quantum Computing Tools Quantum info packages (Qiskit Quantum-info / Dynamics) Quantum computing applications (QML, Optimization & Simulations) Day 3, Friday 31 March: Symposium on Open-Source Tools for Quantum Computing & Simulation

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