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Reduced Density-Matrix Functional Theory: Improving its foundation and extending its scope

03.10 14.10.2022 | European Centre for Theoretical Studies Italy

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The aim of this international workshop is to discuss and explore new aspects and challenges in Reduced Density Matrix Functional Theory (RDMFT). For this, we invite up to 25 experts in RDMFT to Trento for an intensive and informal meeting. This in-person workshop during 3-14 October will be complemented by five mini-symposia (hybrid format), open to a broad international audience: Symposium 1 - October 3, 14:30-18:00 CEST Exact results in RDMFT: properties of universal functionals, role of N-representability, etc. Symposium 2 - October 5, 9:30-13:00 CEST RDMFT for quantum chemistry: Computational and theoretical state-of-the-art and open challenges Symposium 3 - October 7, 9:30-13:00 CEST Extending the scope of RDMFT: bosons, ultracold gases, superconductors, relativistic QM, polarons, etc. Symposium 4 - October 10, 9:30-13:00 CEST RDMFT for excited states and time-evolution Symposium 5 - October 12, 9:30-13:00 CEST RDMFT for translational invariant systems

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