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QSI School on Quantum Cryptography broadcasted in streaming

29.01 02.02.2024 | Asiago-Padova Italien

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We are glad to announce the School on Quantum Cryptography that will be held in Asiago-Padova (Italy), from January 29 till February 2, 2024, organized by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project Quantum Safe Internet ( The lectures from Jan 29 till Jan 31 will be broadcasted in streaming for free.

The School is a week-long programme on theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum cryptography that aims to provide high-level training to Master’s level and PhD students, as well as to postdoctoral researchers interested in quantum cryptography and quantum communications. The School includes lectures by experts from several institutions and universities.

Should you be interested in following the lectures online, please sign up here:

These three open days will cover the following topics:

  • Discrete-variable QKD
  • Continuous-variable QKD
  • Entanglement based QKD
  • Free-space QKD
  • Security of QKD
  • Finite-size effects
  • Semidefinite programming for quantum communication
  • Quantum networks

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