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03.05 04.05.2023 | Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile France

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Q2B is one of the largest and most recognized quantum computing event series in the world. The conference brings together top QC companies, investors, enterprise users, academics and governmental representatives to discuss the latest breakthroughs in quantum and to connect providers with consumers. In 2023, Q2B is expanding its footprint from Silicon Valley and Tokyo to include a European base in Paris as the event continues to make its community more accessible to the European ecosystem and the international community of quantum computing. The event will be structured around Keynotes, track sessions, panels, and networking with a specific focus on computing, communications & security, industrial enterprise applications, and governmental policies . The Q2B is a public event aiming at bringing together academics, QC vendors, VCs, industrial end users and start-ups. Benefit from a 20% discount on ticket standard price. Promo Code: PARIS-20-ACADEMIC

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