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"Full-stack quantum computing company that builds analogue Quantum Application Specific Solutions (QASICs) to bring quantum benefits now."


Qilimanjaro is a full-stack quantum computing company with a distinctive approach aimed at maximising current technology capabilities to provide practical quantum advantage in a shorter time frame. Utilizing the analogue model of quantum computation, the company employs high-quality superconducting flux qubits and versatile qubit-qubit interactions to construct application-specific quantum devices (QASIC). Qilimanjaro adopts a co-design approach, bringing the design of the quantum chip closer to the use-case.

The company offers an exclusive "Quantum as a Service" model, enabling remote access to its unique quantum computing platforms. Additionally, Qilimanjaro provides a boutique service for the deployment and integration of in-premises quantum computers.




Products and Services

Qilimanjaro is at the forefront of quantum computing platform development, with a dedicated focus on analogue QASIC (quantum app-specific devices). The company's innovation strategy aims to maximise the current capabilities of quantum technology by creating quantum computers co-designed for specific functions or applications. This approach involves bringing together the target use-case with the design of both the quantum algorithm and superconducting chip to enhance the likelihood of achieving a quantum advantage in the present. Qilimanjaro is actively working on the development of its first Minimum Viable Product (MVP), scheduled for release in 2024. Simultaneously, the company engages in algorithm co-design with various clients in the logistics, finance, and energy sectors, aiming to understand market needs and steer the development of its chips.

Quantum as a Service (QaaS): In 2024, Qilimanjaro plans to offer cloud access through QaaS, allowing users to run and test their algorithms on the company's platforms. These platforms will include classical, quantum analog, and digital backends. To facilitate user-device interaction, Qilimanjaro has actively contributed to the development of a comprehensive full-stack programming framework known as Qibo.

Deployment and Integration Service: Qilimanjaro provides a deployment and integration service, installing quantum computers on-premise and offering training on their operation and maintenance. In 2022, the company successfully deployed the first quantum computer in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, in 2023, access to the first quantum computer in Spain was facilitated through collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.



Victor Canivell Crechley

Founder and Vice-President of Qilimanjaro, Victor brings extensive CEO and Board Chair experience from high-tech startups. He has held Senior Executive and Vice-President roles at renowned companies such as Hewlett Packard, SGI, 3Com, and PerkinElmer. Victor holds a Ph.D. in Physics from UB and an MBA from ESADE.



Albert Solana Berengué

As the Chief Business Officer at Qilimanjaro, Albert leverages his background as a Senior Software Lead and Consulting Manager in digital identity. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Quantum Engineering from UPC, an MBA from ESADE and Stern NYU, and a BSc in Computer Science from UPC.

Eva Martín Fierro

Eva serves as the Innovation and Product Manager at Qilimanjaro, bringing extensive experience in Tech Transfer and Innovation. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Weizmann IS (Israel) and Freiburg Univ (Germany), along with a PDD from IESE and a Postgraduate in R&D&I Management from ULL.

Clàudia Huix Garrido

In the role of Junior Communications Manager at Qilimanjaro, Clàudia is currently pursuing a Business Communication Degree at UOC. She holds a CFGS in Marketing & Advertising from CEP.