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Mobile World Congress - The European Quantum Zone

26.02 29.02.2024 | Fira Barcelona Gran Via Spanien

One year more, the Quantum Flagship will be presenting at the Mobile World Congress (MWC24) with a space dedicated to QTs in Europe; the European Quantum Zone, located in Hall 6 Stand 6A8 in the Mobile World Congress (MWC24).

 Arranged in an area of 100m2, the space is divided into five main areas: 

1.    The Quantum Flagship welcome counter overview of what is happening in Europe, the initiatives that are currently running within this huge program, the EuroQCI project as well as access to the Strategic Research and Industry Agenda.

2.    Companies: in quantum communications, the companies Q-bird, LuxQuanta; Qoolnet-UPM; Quside ; ThinkQuantum will share the latest in technolgoy related to Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNGs) devices, QKD devices, quantum cryptography systems, key management software, among others; in quantum computing Qilimanjaro  will be present providing software and hardware solution for computing, and finally VPIPhotonics will be present displaying technology related to quantum and photonics integrated circuits, software and design services.

3.    LIVE DEMO on Quantum communications:  the live DEMO will mimic a mini-European Quantum Communications Infrastructure (EuroQCI), where the companies LuxQuanta and Qoolnet-UPM will integrate their different QKD devices to create a SDN controlled quantum network, both at a hardware and software level, showing this through video conference system validated by quantum key distribution protocols.

4.      European Initiatives: Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) ; Quantum Secure Network Partnership (QSNP), Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS), QuKomin

5.     The QT Club: the quantum corner is a stage area within the stand where exhibitors present the latest advances in the field and announce new insights on future programs, initiatives, as well as collaborations or synergies, among others, to underline the leading position of Europe in this area. This year the QT corner will host the quantum coffees at 11:00h and, at 16:00h, there will be the launch of the QIA Forum as well as the Post Quantum Cryptography panel organized by Quside, among other activities.

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