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Global Quantum Computing & Entrepreneurship Program

10.07 26.08.2022 | Please choose...

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Ready for a Summer of Qubits? Participate in the virtual Global Quantum Computing & Entrepreneurship Program! Sign up soon to join 1200+ participants from 90+ countries: - Virtual | July 10 - Aug 26, 2h/day - Free & Open to All (undergrad to postdoc, professionals) - 40+ Speakers, virtual lab tours, training in quantum computing hardware and software - 2.5 week Quantum Hackathon - Connect with Companies and Quantum Entrepreneurs all over the world! In the summer program, you will learn about Quantum Computing from start to startup, get training in software and hardware, join virtual lab tours, participate in a hackathon and career fairs, and hear from thought leaders including CEOs of quantum startups and scientists. Speakers include experts at IBM, D-Wave, Google, Quantinuum, MIT, Atom Computing, Bluefors, Zapata, and more!

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