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Bridging the physics and mathematics of many-body chaos

24.06 28.06.2024 | University of Helsinki Finnland

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This workshop will bring together mathematicians and physicists in order to explore recent progress and open problems in the field of quantum chaos in many-particle systems. On the one hand, there has been much progress in understanding how such systems approach thermal equilibrium (ETH and beyond) while, on the other hand, examples have been found of systems that violate this phenomenon, e.g., quantum many-body scarring, Hilbert space fragmentation, and anomalous transport. Furthermore, ideas from classical dynamical systems, such as Lyapunov exponents, sensitivity to initial conditions and synchronisation, have intriguing connections with the ideas in hydrodynamics, information scrambling and quantum synchronisation. Meanwhile, the mathematical understanding of quantum chaos, random matrix theory and spectral geometry has seen many important advances in the recent decades. This workshop provides ample opportunities for dialogue in order to bridge the interface between these areas.

Interruptor Background

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