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6th Seefeld Workshop on Quantum Information

23.06 28.06.2024 | Seefeld, Tirol, Austria Österreich

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This will be the sixth edition of the workshop which focuses on recent developments in quantum information and computation—entanglement theory, quantum networks, non-locality, quantum measurements and tomography, quantum metrology, entanglement in condensed matter systems and more. More information regarding the workshop can be found on the workshop webpage ( The aim of these workshops is to bring together researchers working in the field of quantum information to discuss the latest developments in the field and establish collaborations in a relaxing and picturesque village of the Austrian Alps. To that end, very few talks will be scheduled per day in order to facilitate plenty of time for fruitful discussions.

A number of prominent speakers have confirmed their participation and we anticipate an interesting and stimulating meeting.

Confirmed speakers include (alphabetically):

Plenary speakers:

— Antonio Acín (ICFO Barcelona)

— Ignacio Cirac (MPQ Garching)

— Renato Renner (ETH Zurich)

Invited speakers:

— Harry Buhrmann (CWI, Amsterdam)

— Eric Chitambar (University of Illinois)

— Giulio Chiribella (University of Hong Kong)

— Vedran Dunjko (Leiden University)

— David Elkouss (TU Delft and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

— Gilad Gour (University of Calgary)

— Marcus Huber (TU Vienna & IQOQI Vienna)

— Richard Küng (University of Linz)

— Lorenzo Maccone (University of Pavia)

— Mio Murao (University of Tokyo)

— Michał Oszmaniec (Centre for Theoretical Physics, Warsaw)

— Robert Raussendorf (Leibniz University, Hannover)

— Pavel Sekatski (University of Geneva)

— Marco Tomamichel (National University of Singapore)

In addition to the invited talks, we plan to have an extensive poster session and we strongly encourage participants to present a poster about their current research.

For more information, please visit the workshop homepage. Registration is now open.

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