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2022 Summer school on superconducting electronics

25.09 30.09.2022 | The Artemis Palace Hotel, Crete island, Greece

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We would like to advertise the upcoming Summer school on Superconducting Electronics that will take place on September 25-30, 2022, in the beautiful Crete island of Greece. It will provide about 30 hours of lectures on superconductors, superconductivity, Josephson junctions, superconducting qubits, superconducting neuromorphics, SQUIDs, quantum sensing, superconducting digital electronics and associated cryogenics. Certificates of attendance to obtain ECTS credits will be delivered to PhD students from EU Universities. Pre-registration is open up to July 8, 2022. This school is supported by the Fluxonics Society, the ESAS Society and the IEEE CSC Council. With best regards,

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