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Quantum Flagship discusses research and innovation strategy

Published on March 19th, 2019
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End of February 2019, the first European Quantum Technology Conference, initiated by the European funding initiative Quantum Flagship, took place in Grenoble. Members of the research community presented current developments and worked together on the strategic orientation of the program.

The European Quantum Technologies Conference 2019 (EQTC 2019) provided an overview of the progress in European and international research on quantum technologies for the sub-areas of basic technologies, quantum computers, quantum simulation and quantum sensors. In addition, the Quantum Flagship discussed with the participants the future strategy in the areas of research, innovation, gender equality, international cooperation and education. In particular, the early involvement of industry in the flagship activities was highlighted as a key success factor.

Research and industry representatives from across Europe are now working together to develop a Flagship Strategic Research Agenda, which provides a pan-European action plan for the next decade. Every quantum technology expert in Europe is invited to participate in this process. To do this please register on our website through

Cooperation at the interface of research, politics and industry

In addition to the professional exchange, networking of the scientific and economic players of the community, the dialogue with the representatives of the Quantum Flagship and the constituent work of the flagship were on the agenda of the EQTC 2019.

Introduced by Yves Samson, Scientific Director of CEA Tech, the event was hosted by Univ. Grenoble Alpes at Maison Minatec. On behalf of the European Commission, the participation of Pascal Maillot, Christian Trefzger, Dagmar Flöck and, in particular, Gustav Kalbe, Head of Unit High Performance Computing and Quantum Technologies, deserves special mention. Tommaso Calarco (Forschungszentrum Jülich), Markus Wilkens and Claudius Klein (both VDI Technology Center) represented the Flagship Coordination Office (FCO).

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