Understand Quantum

After the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project, the Quantum Flagship is the third large-scale research and innovation initiative of this kind funded by the European Commission. It started in October 2018.

How your smartphone uses quantum mechanics

Your smartphone literally contains billions of transistors and other semiconductor elements. These can work as building blocks of digital electronic logic because of quantum mechanics - only quantum physics makes it possible to design the silicon-based materials in these integrated circuits to where they are now. But your smartphone is not a quantum computer (yet)- the data that are processed by these transistors are classical. Also, your smartphone contains a digital camera with a CCD-sensor. This sensor is based on the photoelectric effect - which was explained by Albert Einstein by introducing quanta of light, photons, which got him the physics Nobel prize. The batteries of your smartphone are getting better based on detailed understanding of electrochemistry, including the quantum physics that is at the heart of understanding chemistry.

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Entanglement and Superposition

Quantum physics seems weird at first – things can be at more than one place at the same time, observation changes the observed object, nothing can be predicted with certainty. It describes with great success the world of the ultrasmall – single particles and indivisible units of light and radiation.

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