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Quantum Flagship Strategic Advisory Board established

Published on April 2nd, 2019

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) for the Quantum Flagship has been officially announced by the European Commission. The Strategic Advisory Board provides advice for strategic decision-making to the Quantum Technology (QT) the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship, with a long-term impact across the whole initiative. The group will be in charge of preparing and updating the Strategic Research Agenda whilst monitoring the Flagship’s progress in research, and will report regularly to the FET Board of Funders. SAB members are appointed for a two-year period, each of whom will meet two to four times per year and act upon request of the Chairperson.

Members of the SAB can be found here

Type A - Individual expert appointed in his/her personal capacity

Name Nationality
Ana Sanpera Spain
Daniel Esteve France
Elisabeth Giacobino France
Juergen Mlynek Germany
Marek Kus Poland
Maria Luisa Rastello Italy
Peter Loosen Germany
Radu Ionicioiu Romania
Vladimir Buzek Slovakia
Wim van Saarloos Netherlands

Type C - Organisation

Name of Organisation Category Countries/Areas represented
Airbus Companies/Groups Germany
Asociación multisectorial de empresas de la electrónica, las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación de las telecomunicaciones y de los contenidos digitales (AMETIC) Trade and business associations Spain
Creotech Instruments S.A. Companies/Groups Poland
Ericsson Companies/Groups Sweden
Infineon Technologies AG Companies/Groups Austria
KPN (KPN) Companies/Groups Netherlands

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  • Qombs makes major advances in high performance quantum cascade laser frequency combs

    QOMBS project partner Alpes Lasers has demonstrated high-performance quantum cascade laser frequency combs at λ ∼ 6 μm for the first time. This new wavelength is important because it corresponds to the amide I vibration band of proteins, opening up numerous new biological and medical applications.

  • New software brings quantum network design to users around the world

    NetSquid, a specialized simulator for quantum networks has been made freely available for non-commercial users. In development by QuTech since 2017, the software is the first of its kind to model timing effects using discrete events. NetSquid allows researchers around the world to accurately predict the performance of quantum networks and modular quantum computing systems. Such simulations are essential to design scalable quantum systems and exploit them for radically new types of computation and communication technologies.

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