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Registration open - Quantum Flagship event “Exploring and Making Quantum Technology”

Published on July 26th, 2019
Quantum Flagship

Organized by the Finnish Presidency, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Academy of Finland, and the Quantum Flagship, the two-day event will be centered on two main topics.

The first day will be focused on giving an overview of the present and future of the Quantum Technologies landscape and underlying infrastructures in the framework of pan-European initiatives such as the Quantum Flagship and national and regional initiatives such as the Quantum Technology Finland, among others. It will include keynote talks by representatives of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Finland, the European Commission, the Quantum Flagship as well as by technology and industry experts. The second part of the day will hold the signing ceremony of the Quantum Communication Infrastructure Declaration, the agreement between member states to foster, build and deploy a terrestrial and space quantum communications infrastructure for cybersecurity services over the entire European continent. A panel discussion centered on establishing an infrastructure for quantum technologies will close the session.

The second day will focus on the overall strategy of the Quantum Flagship, specifically on its Strategic Research Agenda, and related initiatives, inviting the community to actively participate and provide additional feedback to different aspects of the future goals. It will include a panel discussion on International Cooperation and community feedback sessions on different topics such as education, engineering and infrastructures.

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You will find the agenda and more information here.

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  • Registration open - Quantum Flagship event “Exploring and Making Quantum Technology”

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