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Quantum Flagship projects QIA and S2QUIP at ‘Science is Wonderful!’ exhibition

Published on November 6th, 2019

From 25-26 of September, the Quantum Flagship projects QIA and S2QUIP participated in the ‘Science is Wonderful!’ exhibition in the frame of the European Research and Innovation Days in Brussels, Belgium. Each project had its singular space, and invited young visitors to discover quantum technologies and learn about the exciting world of the quantum internet.

QIA’ booth offered activities such as a hands-on experience with qubits through a quantum teleportation quiz, a simulation on two computers that two people could experience at the same time, and a virtual lab tour through which people could delve into the world of qubits and lasers.

S2QUIP’s space showed physics concepts such as how moiré patterns are created -generated by rotating two sheets of 2Dmaterials against each other- and explained the importance of quantum communications by demonstrating how the our current internet works and how easy it is to eavesdrop information. During these two days, they had over 200 school classes visiting the stand.

As part of the European Research and Innovation Days (Brussels, Belgium), ‘Science is Wonderful!’ is a free exhibition that brings the world of science to the public. Fighting cancer, slowing down global warming, preventing hunger and drought, facilitating human life in space… it is all part of the variety of activities schools, families and young people can discover at the event. Through hands-on experiments, live demonstrations, face-to-face chats with researchers, Science is Wonderful! shows how science impacts our daily lives.

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  • ASTERIQS and macQsimal projects are organizing the Basel Quantum Metrology and Sensing Conference 2020

    Organized in the framework of the Quantum Flagship projects ASTERIQS and macQsimal, the Basel Quantum Metrology and Sensing Conference 2020 (BQMS-2020) will take place on 12-14 February 2020 to highlight the state of the art and most recent advances in quantum sensing and quantum metrology with atomic and solid-state spin systems.

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