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QT focus group on Standardization

Published on February 20th, 2020

Quantum technologies will be one of the most promising key technologies in the coming decades. The Quantum Flagship has the task to bring Europe to the forefront of the quantum revolution and to build a strong quantum industry in Europe.

An important task on this path are standards. Standards will support the overall goal of bringing ideas from the laboratories to the market.

In a joint initiative, the Quantum Flagship together with the European Commission and European Standardization Organizations (CEN-CENELEC) will set up a Focus Group to support the goal of standards relevant to quantum technologies. The purpose of this CEN-CENELEC Focus Group will be to ensure interaction between all relevant European stakeholders in field of quantum technology to map ongoing activities, define needs and opportunities and recommend further action to ensure that standards support the deployment of quantum technologies in industry.

The task of this focus group will be the analysis of existing activities and needs for standardisation, leading to the preparation and elaboration of new standardization activities, such as setting up a CWA, drafting a technical specification or a technical report; or feeding into, or setting up a new technical committee. This will require regular meetings and in particular personal commitment.

If you are interested in taking an active role in the focus group and in advancing this important topic, please contact until February 28th: Dr Samira Nik,

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