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  • Measuring magnetism under very high-pressure conditions

    A study recently published in Science reports on diamond anvil cells being able to highlight the novel magnetic and superconducting properties that certain materials acquire when compressing matter at pressures that can exceed one million atmospheres. A team of researchers have developed a novel method to detect such properties under these extreme conditions.

  • Laser light traps giant atoms

    For the first time, physicists of Kastler Brossel Laboratory have been able to use light to trap giant atoms, so-called circular Rydberg atoms. This work will push the limits of currently developed quantum technologies that use these atoms of remarkable properties.

  • Quantum Reads: Share your favorite book!

    Now that most of us are confined to stay at home, reading is one of the many things we can do and enjoy every day. Taking advantage of this, from the Quantum Flagship we would like to launch the Quantum Reads campaign (#quantumreads).

  • International Women’s Day

    Since its foundation, the Quantum Flagship has created a Gender Equality working group that has the goal to address, give support and search for a better balance between genders in the field.

  • New encryption to prevent quantum cyber-attacks

    EU-funded scientists have developed encryption chips that use quantum physics to make the internet ‘unhackable’, protecting us against highly sophisticated, novel cyber-attacks.

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