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Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing

07.09 → 11.09 2020 | Kursaal of Donostia Spain

The 5th School and Conference on Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing (Spin Qubit 5) brings together world-leading researchers from the fields of solid state physics and spin-based quantum information processing to participate in a 1-day school and a 5-day conference in Donostia / San Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain).

The topics will cover different spin-based quantum bit implementations such as colour centres in diamond and SiC, donors in silicon, gate-defined quantum dots in GaAs, SiGe and MOS-Si, self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots, holes and Ge hole gases, Ge nanowires, etc. There will also be some focus on fabrication, algorithms, and cryogenic control electronics.

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