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High-Energy and Nuclear Physics within Quantum Technologies

06.07 → 31.07 2020 | ECT* - Trento (Rustico School room 2nd floor) Italy

In the past few years, noteworthy progress has been achieved in the understanding and control of quantum many-body systems that are relevant to solving models in highenergy, nuclear, and condensed matter physics.

This progress has been to a substantial extent the result of a collaborative effort of different communities. New tools and concepts from quantum information and quantum optics are now supplying new avenues to address open problems in particle, nuclear, and statistical physics, complementing more traditional approaches.

The purpose of this school is to bring together experts and leaders in quantum information and high-energy physics to train a new generation of researchers in the state-of-the-art methods, applications, and open problems in both fields. This school will have an important impact in enhancing synergies and further progress in this fastdeveloping field. The programme will also have a series of more specialized lectures on the latest developments.

The school, which is organised in the framework of the ECT* Doctoral Training Programme, includes lectures from leading experts in Quantum Technologies, Nuclear and High-Energy Physics and is open to interested students and researchers (see:

* Christof Gattringer “Lattice QCD methods”
* Philipp Hauke “Open Quantum Systems and Optical Lattice”
* Stephan Schaeffer “Challenges in Lattice QCD”
* Rainer Blatt “Experimental tools in ion traps”
* Zohreh Davoudi “Nuclear Physics and effective theories”
* MariCarmen Bañuls “Quantum Optics and Quantum Information tools”
* David Kaplan “Chiral Theories”
* Fred Jendrzejewski “Experimental tools in cold gases and optical lattices”

ECT* can provide fellowships to selected students to cover part of their living expenses. Priority will be given to students staying for the entire lenght of the Training Programme. It is understood that students attending only parts of the program will fully self support their living expenses (no additional fees are charged to the participants). Students are welcome to arrive on July 5 and leave on August 1.

The Organizing Committee:
Pilar Hernandez, Simone Montangero, Yasser Omar, Enrique Rico

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