EU-Canada Workshops

EU – Canada Workshops held on May 3rd and 31st, 2021

On the occasion of the launch of the Horizon Europe work programme, a 2-sessions public workshop was dedicated to the presentation of the joint Research call Programme on Quantum Technologies between Europe and Canada, with the possibility to have dedicated networking to share experiences and form new partnerships.

You can read the REPORT of these workshops by clicking on this link.

You can access the full text of the “International cooperation with Canada” call by the EC in this link.

Please note that the “terms and conditions” have been revised in order to comply with recent changes in the Canadian guidelines.  You can find the updated terms and conditions on the NSERC website in these links:

Version in English

Version in French

Presentations and other relevant documents from the May 3rd 2021 session:

AGENDA May 3rd session

Preliminary international landscape of QT competences

Presentation by EC

Presentation by NSERC

Presentations and other relevant documents from the May 31st 2021 session:

AGENDA May 31st session

Videos of the pitches presented

Presentation by Michele Mosca

Presentation by Frank Wilhelm-Mauch

Q&A document