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Two PhD positions at University of Warwick

University of Warwick

Starting in October 2020, we are seeking a PhD student each on two projects
1. Quantum sensing of multiple parameters
This theoretical project will produce the design principles for quantum sensors that sense multiple parameters simultaneously. These range from fundamental open problems in physics such as the direct detection of dark matter and testing the validity of quantum mechanics in macroscopic systems to spectroscopy of complex quantum systems such as light-harvesting complexes. The principle underlying all of these quests is the precise sensing of physical quantities such as exquisitely small forces, phases, or temperature.
The student must be interested in a close interplay of quantum metrology, quantum information science, quantum optics, and quantum mechanics.
2. Quantifying accuracy and confidence in NISQ simulators
This theoretical project will develop accreditation methods for noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) simulators such that their predictions about novel quantum simulations can be made with quantifiable accuracy and confidence. This is necessary for two central reasons. Firstly, NISQ simulators are erroneous, being incapable of large-scale quantum error correction and fault tolerance. Secondly, the solutions of quantum simulations, unlike problems such as integer factorization cannot be checked for correctness efficiently classically. Therefore, without establishing their credibility in a quantitative manner, NISQ simulators will remain worthless scientifically and technologically.
The student must be interested in a close interplay of quantum computation, simulation, and condensed matter physics.

How to apply

Deadline: January 16, 2020.For both projects, full funding and stipend is available for exceptionally strong international as well as EU students.Visit the group website above for details of the projects, on the application process, as well as informal enquiries.For informal enquires, contact Animesh Datta, with a CV, explaining your excellence and suitability for the project.

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University of Warwick

Department of Physics,
CV4 7AL Coventry, United Kingdom

Published on December 11, 2019

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