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Research engineer position in quantum sensing based on Nitrogen Vacancy centers in diamond (permanent contract)


Mission and responsibilities.
WAINVAM-E is developing sensitive magnetometers based on the manipulation of electronic spins in artificial atoms located in a diamond crystal, the so-called nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers of diamond. These spins are highly sensitive probes of magnetic field at the micrometer and nanometer scales. At the micrometer scale, the NV sensors developed by WAINVAM-E will be used for failure analysis of electronic circuits through magnetic current imaging, and in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy devices for chemical analysis.
The research engineer will:
• Reproduce proof-of-principle experiments performed by our academic partners (including interaction with such partners);
• Identify the parts of the system which can be optimized, depending on the application (including interaction with industrial end-users);
• Interact with the data scientists and applied mathematicians of WAINVAM-E to develop appropriate models improving the performances of the sensors;
• Be responsible of the system engineering through an interaction with development engineers (electrical, optical, mechanical, etc.);
• Foster positive exchange in the overall research and development activities of WAINVAM-E (strengthen academic collaborations, participate to international conferences, write publications and patents).
Profile of the applicant.
PhD in experimental quantum sensing with NV centers. Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team, write clear reports and explain your work in accessible words. Good level in English is mandatory.
The position is a full-time, permanent contract under French law. It will be based in WAINVAM-E’s headquarters located in Ploemeur, Brittany in France. The engineer will conduct his/her research in the large laboratory space of the company. WAINVAM-E offers competitive salaries to encourage motivated and creative researchers to contribute to its success. As an active employee, he/she has the option of becoming a shareholder of the company. Full health benefits are paid by the company.

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Published on June 03, 2020

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