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Quantum hardware engineer at Pasqal


As a quantum hardware engineer, you will be involved in the building and operation of neutral atoms quantum processors. Within the hardware team, you will contribute to the development of a processor and the testing and validation of its final performance.
You will also be involved on the design and implementation of new technological developments, which you will be responsible for testing on the processor. For this purpose, you will be led to collaborate across the hardware and software teams of Pasqal.
You will finally assist in the implementation on the processor of quantum simulations and quantum computing algorithms.
Key responsibilities:
– Develop and operate a quantum processor made of neutral atoms,
– Guarantee the performance and the specifications of the processor,
– Integrate new technological developments for the processor.
– PhD in atomic and molecular optics,
– Research experience in a lab, possibly in cold atom experiments,
– Skills in Quantum Information,
– Good interpersonal skills and be able to work within a team.

How to apply

To apply for the position, please send your resume and a cover letter to tell us about your motivation.

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Published on September 08, 2020

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