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C12 Quantum Electronics, a young deeptech startup willing to develop quantum processors is looking for a …
Quantum electronics researcher – Permanent contract – September 2020
C12 develops quantum processors with the goal of speeding-up highly complex computing tasks.
Building a quantum computer still needs scientific innovators ready to tackle exciting challenges. C12 founders are convinced that a new material for the hardware will bring a technological breakthrough.
Spin qubits coupled to a microwave cavity is a promising and scalable platform for quantum information processing. Interfacing spins with microwave photons brings interesting perspectives for their individual control and manipulation as well as for the circuit architecture.
C12 hosts spin qubits in carbon nanotubes, an exceptional material for quantum mechanics. A suspended isotopically pure 12C nanotube holds great promises in terms of stability, as it reduces all sources of decoherence (charge noise, nuclear spin noise, phonon relaxation) [1]. The qubits stability is essential for scalability, in the mid-term to reach quantum advantage as well as in the long-term to reduce hardware overhead for fault-tolerant computing.
At C12, not only spins will be entangled, but also science and business.
Scientific excellence and technology are at the heart of the company, leveraging the unique stapling carbon nanotubes technique [2] developed by the experimental group of Takis Kontos at Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris) who has played a pioneering role in proposing and realizing such light/matter interface [3]. Matthieu Desjardins, co-founder and CTO, has spun off C12 from this research group.
Business drive, product focus development and ambition to accelerate are also rooted in C12’s culture. Pierre Desjardins, co-founder and CEO, has a quantum physicist background and spent 6 years at Roland Berger.

As part of C12 Quantum Electronics’ Core Team, you will contribute to achieve landmark results in quantum computing, making a difference in the emerging quantum technologies.
We are young: you will also have an impact on our values and ambition. We will take care of building a diverse team of curious and excellent individuals, driven by scientific integrity.
C12 will be first hosted in the lab of Takis Kontos, located at Ecole Normale Supérieure, in the center of Paris and will enjoy an exceptional scientific environment.
Your role in C12 Quantum Electronics
As a quantum electronics researcher, you will collaborate with researchers and engineers (in quantum physics, nanotechnologies and quantum information) to develop and accelerate experiments exploring new quantum information processing applications. You will be involved in solving complex, long-term quantum engineering challenges.
You will join a small and interdisciplinary team in a fast-paced environment.
Your perimeter will be large (after the chip fabrication and up to the quantum gates implementation) and include:
 Design & Simulation of on-chip microwave circuits
 Design, implementation and conduction of experimental set-ups
 Data acquisition & analysis
About you
 Ph.D. in Quantum Electronics
 Experience in cryogenics, microwave electronics and programming (python)
 Enthusiasm to work as a team player across different disciplines
C12 Quantum Electronics encourages all who feel qualified to apply. Recruitment decisions are based solely on qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience. Applications from women are particularly welcomed.
C12 Quantum Electronics – Reconnecting quantum power to reality
[1] A. Cottet and T. Kontos, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 160502 (2010)
[2] T. Cubaynes et al. NPJ Quantum Info 5, 47 (2019)
[3] J. J. Viennot et al., Science, 349, Issue 6246 (2015)

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Published on May 18, 2020

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