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PostDoc, PhD and MSc Positions in Two- Dimensional Quantum Materials


The Low-Dimensional Quantum Materials group, led by Prof. Dr. Dmitri Efetov at ICFO is setting a rapid pace in the advancement of Quantum applications with Graphene and other 2D materials, in the framework of our projects 2D-SIPC (EU Quantum Technologies Flagship) and SuperTwist (ERC Starting Grant).
We have several opening on for PostDoc, PhD and MSc positions. The aim of these positions is to engineer strong quantum effects in novel 2D materials and their hetero-structures and use these for quantum sensing applications. From the new physics at the nanoscale and in the quantum regime, these fundamental studies open new pathways for novel functionalities and applications.
We will develop 2D material-based devices, based on van der Waals hetero-structures and Twistronic materials, that will make a difference in quantum technologies for secure quantum communication, quantum computing, single photon detection for astro-physics and medicine, among others. This also involves the study of superconductivity in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene, in which our group holds a leading position in Europe – evident from our recent work that was just published in Nature 574, 653 (2019) and covered by the New York Times.
– Superconductivity in magic angle bilayer graphene
– Twistronics
– Quantum sensors
– Single photon detectors
For more information see: or contact directly Prof. Dr. Efetov:

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For more information see: or contact directly Prof. Dr. Efetov:

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Published on December 02, 2019