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Post-doctoral position in quantum machine learning and quantum artificial intelligence (6 months)


ICFO is offering a postdoctoral position to a well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young scientist who wishes to enhance his/her scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.
The successful candidate will be joining the Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Optics Theory groups led by Prof. Dr. Antonio Acín and Prof. Dr. Maciej Lewenstein, respectively. The groups have experience in all areas of theoretical physics, but in the context of the present project the relevant are: a) classical statistical physics; b) information theory; c) many body physics, including quantum many body physics; d) numerical methods; e) classical and quantum machine learning; f) classical and quantum artificial intelligence. The project will focus on development, optimization and implementation of novel algorithms for spin glasses and related complex systems, such as disorderded systems, Boltmann machines etc.
The successful candidate will carry out their tasks (development, optimization and implementation of novel algorithms for spin glasses and related complex systems) within the joint project Quspin (RTC2019-007196-7). Quspin, one of the projects running in the ICFO-Quside Joint Lab, seeks to develop a hardware-accelerated computer system specialized in the efficient and precise solution of some of the most widespread optimization processes. To achieve this goal, we face the challenge from a dual approach: the development and deployment of Quspin Annealer, an innovative product to accelerate through specialized hardware systems the execution of tempering or annealing algorithms, which have demonstrated its applicability in multiple combinational optimization problems.

How to apply

Suitable candidates are requested to submit: - Presentation letter with a declaration of interest, - Curriculum Vitae, including contact details, - The contact e-mail of two potential referees.

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Published on July 24, 2020

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