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Entangled photon sources for an integrated photonics quantum simulator

Nanoscience Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Trento

An European project will start 1 october 2020 to develop chip-scale quantum photonic-electronic integrated platform, fully interfaced to a classical computer (project EPIQUS: Electronic-photonic integrated quantum simulator platform). At the core of the EPIQUS project, a quantum photonic chip based on a low-loss (≤ 1dB/cm) SiN platform and operating at NIR wavelengths (800-850nm) will be developed. The use of SiN will enable a monolithic integration of the quantum photonic circuits (pump distribution, generation and manipulation of entangled photons) with silicon SPADs on the same chip – a far-reaching goal that will represent a leap forward in
the field of photonic quantum technologies. The PhD will contribute to this project by designing, testing and characterizing multiple (up to 16) scalable entangled photon sources (pumped by a NIR pulsed diode laser to produce on-chip photon pairs via nonlinear four wave mixing), for the quantum simulator. Here the idea is to build up on recent results of the NL lab ( and develop a suitable integrated source. After a first phase of design of the source, the source will be fabricated and tested to prove the generation of multi entangled photon pairs. These will be ten feed into the quantum circuitry for quantum simulation experiments. The work will be carried out in the NL laboratory with strong interactions with the European partners in Austria, Germany, Spain and Korea.
For information and preliminary interview contact prof. Pavesi (email
Starting 1 november 2020- 3 years – call published middle june – info at

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Starting 1 november 2020- 3 years – call published middle june - info at

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Published on June 01, 2020

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