Fun with Quantum

Quantum physics and technologies are usually shown as highly mathematical and mysterious -but it does not have to be that way. Here are some playful introductions to quantum technologies, which are directly related to applications.

  • decodoku

    Debugging quantum computers is tricky - you only get faint information on where the errors may be. Discover these errors and see whether you can do better than an algorithm.

  • Science at home

    Here is a true citizen science project: Help trapping atoms before they go away. First results have already led to a publication, showing that gamers optimize different from comptuers.

  • helloquantum

    Writing a quantum computer program gives you powerful commands that your classical computer does not have - some of them easiest to understand with geometry. Build a quantum algorithm from such geometric building blocks.

  • entanglion

    Quantum concepts go beyond computers - explore the quantum universe as a board game